GCSS Resource Book:
150 Quick, Easy, Effective Lessons

Whether you are a new teacher looking for teaching inspiration or a veteran teacher with a wealth of materials at your disposal, you will love this CD. It is chock full of easily adapted and implemented lesson ideas for all grade levels that span the social studies disciplines.

Every lesson calls for materials and/or technology that is readily available in most schools or classrooms. (Click for sample lesson plans fom the CD: K-3, 4-8, Mid-High, U.S. History, All Level) To help teachers quickly become familiar with their design, the lessons are formatted using a simple template that can be replicated for your own lesson planning.

While the lessons are grouped according to levels of difficulty, teachers will find they can readily adapt them for individual classroom needs. The CD will also come in handy when a substitute teacher is needed.

In addition to lessons, the CD contains eight literature banks of teacher-written annotated bibliographies grouped by GPS curriculum strands. Also, each entry suggests social studies concepts introduced in the book -- a helpful feature for those who incorporate social studies instruction with their language arts instruction.

Best of all, this wealth of information can be tucked in your desk drawer, pocket, or purse -- so it's ready to go anywhere you go.

Cost is only $8 per CD, including shipping and any applicable tax. Click for Order Blank.

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