The Mission of the Georgia Council for the Social Studies is to advocate for, support, and celebrate the advancement of quality social studies teaching for Georgia students.

The Vision of the Georgia Council for the Social Studies is to prepare students to be knowledgeable, effective decision makers and engaged citizens in a globally interdependent world.



   Call for Annual Conference Proposals
   Georgia Council for the Social Studies




2019 GCSS Conference Proposal

Theme: All Systems Go: Launching Social Studies for the Future

Date: October 10-11, 2019

Proposal Deadline: May 6th, 2019

Those submitting proposals will be notified by June 18th , 2019.


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Assessment Character Education Economics Geography/Global Studies
Georgia Studies Government/Citizenship/Civics U.S. History World History
Literacy/Reading/Literature Methods/Materials Technology
Performance Based Instruction for Learning Comon Core Other:


Intended Audience
Early Elementary (K-2) Upper Elementary (3-5) Elementary (K-5)
Middle School (6-8) Middle and High School (6-12) High School (9-12)
General (K-12)

How will you engage your audience during your presentation?



  • All sessions are 1 hour in length
  • All rooms will be set up theater style.
  • Each room will be equipped with a screen.  Computers, projectors and audiovisual equipment is not provided and is the responsibility of the presenter.
  • Wireless internet is available in all breakout rooms.
  • Handouts are the responsibility of the presenter.  50 copies may be needed for handouts.  A sign-up mailing list for those not receiving handouts may be required unless Edmodo is used.
This year, we would like to offer the opportunity for session presenters to make Mini-Session presentations. (At the NCSS conference, these are known as poster sessions where they have become extremely popular.)
  • (NOTE:  What is a mini-session?  A good description is SASSS - Short and Sweet Social Studies presentation.  Think about a Social Studies Fair presentation with a poster, some handouts, a video clip, a teacher, rather than a student, making a short presentation to interested people who stop by on their way into or out of the exhibit hall.  If you choose to use a backboard (again, think of the Social Studies Fair) will need to be large enough to attract attention and the presenter will be able to talk one-on-one or to a small group.  There should also be a handout of some type to distribute to visitors.  We are interested in offering this as a way to provide a new venue for teachers to present as well as more choices for attendees.  We hope that the GCSS mini-sessions will become as popular as the NCSS poster sessions.
  • The mini-session will be set up on a table in a high traffic area near the exhibit hall during the exhibit hall visitation times.
  • Mini-session presentations should keep to a 10-minute timeframe



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(The presentation must be generic; no materials may be sold at the session)


Do you agree to possibly have your session videotaped for GCSS members to view at a later time? (Typing No will not prevent your proposal from being selected) 

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