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College Financial Aid Resources – Have your students check out this useful website for helpful information on financial help for attending college.


Georgia Public Broadcasting has a number of resources -- including the Georgia Stories series -- for social studies teachers. Be sure and check them out.


Check out Study Guide Zone -- an online resource developed by Minnesota educators through a grant from the McNamara Educational Trust. Here you'll find a series of free study guides on a variety of standardized tests commonly utilized for admissions, licensing, and educational assessment.

Carla Inman, Literacy Coach at Jerger Elementary in Thomasville City, has created a PowerPoint presentation --Our Constitution--for use in elementary schools.

Multimedia producer Gary Daniels, a new member of GCSS, has just completed a website and DVD entitled "Lost Worlds of Georgia." Both of these projects cover the last 4,000 years of Native American history in Georgia including Sapelo Shell Rings, Fort Mountain, Rock Eagle, Kolomoki Mounds, Ocmulgee Mounds and Etowah Mounds. The website ( features streaming video excerpts from the DVD as well as 3D computer reconstructions of each archaeological site, Quicktime VR virtual tours of each site, and extensive photo galleries.

The DVD is 42 minutes long and contains more video than the website. It is divided into 7 "six minute chapters" that allow the teacher to pick and choose how much of the video she shows at any one time. To learn more about the DVD (including viewing over 30 minutes of excerpts) go to:

Want to help students prepare for the Georgia High School Graduatiion Test. Free GHSGT practice test questions are now available online. These and practice questions for dozens of other tests are provided,a free service of a nonprofit group of educators. This website was created to provide free practice test questions for students in a variety of career situations. The site contains a modular approach to learning the content on these exams.

The Jimmy Carter National Historic Site Education Program ( is a partnership of the Georgia Department of Education, Sumter County Schools, and the National Park Service. It offers online field trip information, offsite programs, and a variety of other resources for teachers and students.

The Georgia Geographic Information Systems Teacher's Association is a new organization designed to promoted the use of Geographic Information Systems in Georgia classrooms. Its website ( provides a variety of resources, including links to lesson plans, forums, and maps).

The NoodleHead Network: Real students report the news from on-location and edit films on World Culture and Geography. Segmented videos in countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, India and Ghana talk about the subjects middle school students really want to know about (culture, food, clothing, hobbies, transportation, schools, and a whole lot more). For more information regarding these videos or to obtain a free preview, call 1-800-639-5680 or visit and click on videos.

"Our Documents Teacher Sourcebook" is a free resource created by National History Day, Inc. in cooperation with the National Archives that transports educators back in time to 100 critical moments in our nation's history. The sourcebook provides educators with lesson plans and activities that will help them incorporate 100 milestone documents from American history into classroom curriculum. "Our Documents Teacher Sourcebook" is part of an initiative announced by President George W. Bush entitled "Our Documents: A National Initiative on American History, Civics and Service." A key resource for working documents in the classroom, the teacher sourcebook includes an annotated timeline, key themes, guidelines to primary sources, and detailed lesson plans. The sourcebook is made possible by support from the NEWSWEEK Education Program. Georgia teachers can request free copies of the sourcebook by contacting Laura McCarty at

Also of interest is the "Our Documents" website, From that site, teachers can download high resolution scans of 100 of America's milestone documents, from the "Lee Resolution of 1776" (in which the United Colonies resolved that they are free and independent states) to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

InspirEd Educators offers comprehensive, creative, thought-provoking units for World Studies and Service-Learning (and this unit also emphasizes research process and preparation for a Social Science Fair). Varied and engaging activities promote critical and creative thinking skills, problem-solving, collaboration, and test-taking skills (for all high-stakes tests, including the CRCT). Written by former Georgia teachers, these units are all correlated to the Georgia QCC's. These units are a find! For information call: 1-866-WE INSPIRE or check out their website at

Cases and Materials on American Federalism'is an online resource used in American government courses at Purdue University Calumet. It contains edited historical documents, a timeline, a glossary, review questions, links to other online materials, and a variety of other useful things for teachers, students, and the public. Go to

Debating Critical Issues in the Classroom. Choices for the 21st Century Education Project offers supplemental curriculum units for grades 9-12. Units include Areas In Transition, Global Challenges, and Historical Turning Points. Information updated regularly. For detailed summaries of each unit or to place an order online visit

Map and Globe Publishers introduces the Cram Globe Overlay Program. This new program allows you to keep your globe accurate and up-to-date while also making it a more versatile teaching tool. For more information visit

Cobblestone Publishing Company Catalog. A variety of books for grades K-9. For prices and subscription information visit

Announcing Poster Education Online. An entire web site full of products. Posters for a variety of topics and age groups. For additional information visit

PBS Videos. Create a more dynamic learning environment with the use of videos. Video collections that explore single topics from a variety of perspectives are now available. For more information call 1-800-344-3337 or visit Connect with the PBS VIDEO database at

MindSparks-Cartoons and Visuals for Creative Learning. Bring History and Social Studies to life. Helps to focus student interest, teach concepts, and spark lively debates. For product information call 1-800-558-2110 or visit

Teaching Social Studies K-12. Heinemann book company offers books published by teachers for teachers. For more information and product listing visit


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